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Why you should turn off you electronic devices on flight?

Posted Date : May 7, 2018

Everybody loves traveling but following the travel tips before you board will be a wise decision and travel agency mention it as “Holiday Time“. Traveling can be of many types we can travel nationally or internationally. Through airways or sea or land. But when we travel from airship then everybody hears “Please turn off your mobile and other electronic device” and everybody hates that and “thinks about why we should?” only a few numbers of people know why we should turn off our electronic device while taking off and landing and what are the disadvantages and advantages of it. Some say it would crash plane but we never heard about that kind of news such as “Plane crashed because someone did not turn off their mobile or someone was listening song in their portable DVD player”. But there is one rule defined by Federal Communications Commission since the early 1990s. Every passenger needs to turn off their all electronic devices before taking off until the plane reached 10,000 ft. and same apply for landing too.

There are few things every passenger need to know if they are questioning “Why should we turn off our mobile phone?” Every electronic are wireless and they emit signals to and from for communication and that works same for mobile so when the pilot from cockpit communicates to the airport through wireless signal our mobile phone will interference those signals and gives more loss while communication. The pilot also uses the iPad and other electronics for signal checking and monitor the charts but those devices are all tested by Federal Aviation Administration but passenger carrying all those types of electronic devices are not possible to be tested so it’s easier to turn them off. Just because when all passenger turns off their phone, it decreases the 30-degree navigation error of flight. And once again another question may come into your mind why Pilot can use but not us. The main thing is their device is tested and all those interfaces that occur will be greatly reduced. But you may think I am sitting far away from cockpit so it won’t make any harm but think you may be sitting near to antenna we never know where the antenna is fitted. There are no actual data to back up that not turning off our phone will bring harm but once when NASA was monitoring the signal to and from the plane that was one great interference and once passenger was caught talking on a phone and when it was turned off that interference was reduced. These are the rule that is not unnecessarily made by Federal Communications Commission that works for only our benefits.
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