Travel Packing Checklist For Your Holiday Trip

Posted Date : November 13, 2022

Please abide by the customs regulations of Nepal, all travelers. It’s essential to have a thorough travel packing checklist for your holiday trip. To ensure compliance with international norms, especially when dealing with heavy-duty imports such as valuable metals, articles of archaeological and religious importance, wildlife and related articles, drugs, arms and ammunition, and communication equipment.  
Declare and clear all baggage upon arrival at the entry point through customs. Passengers arriving at Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) without any dutiable goods can proceed through the green channel for quick clearance without a baggage check. However, if you are carrying dutiable articles, make sure to consult your travel packing checklist and then pass through the red channel for detailed customs clearance.

For Nepalese passenger

Nepalese passenger returned from foreign country:

(1) Enjoy full exemption of customs duty on all your personal goods with our travel packing checklist. Hence, as a permanent resident of Nepal, make the most of this privilege for a seamless and stress-free travel experience. Additionaly, plan your packing wisely and take advantage of the duty-free benefits for a smooth journey home

(a) Used clothes, beds and articles for household use

(b) Medicine imported by the patients returning after the medical treatment.

(c) Accessories used by the physically weak person;

(d) Gold ornaments up to fifty gram, silver ornaments up to five hundred gram and ornaments mounted with precious stone worth up to Rs. one hundred thousand.

(2) If  the passenger imported goods in excess of the quantity specified in sub section (1), except mentioned in clause (d) and (i) of the subsection, the chief of the customs office may allow to clear such goods  in consideration of the  passenger’s condition, number of family members, country of residence, and the period of stay. A passenger returning after staying less than six months in a foreign country, along with up to 400 grams of gold and gold ornaments, will be eligible for the facility specified in subsection (1) of this section. Lastly, the remaining quantity is subject to the chargeable duty, along with an additional 50% of such chargeable duty.

(3) Permanent resident Nepali citizen can import all or any personal effects mentioned below by paying customs duty at the flat rate as incorporated in the prevailing Finance Act. If the passenger sends goods before or after leaving the country of residence, they must deposit the goods in the customs warehouse within three months from the date of arrival in Nepal.

Members of the Crew:

Flying crew members cannot import any items except personal use items. Therefore, if they import any items, authorities will seize such items.

Nepali passenger traveling to the foreign country:

(1) Streamline your international travel preparations with our travel packing checklist. Passengers heading to a foreign country can conveniently carry any or all items listed in subsection of section 1, benefiting from full customs duty exemption on these items.

(2) Nepali citizen traveling to foreign country can carry souvenirs produced in Nepal (except the banned or controlled items) up to the aggregate value of Rs. 50000/. However, customs duty will exempt such goods.

Nevertheless, in case of presentation of tax invoice of the items commanding value added tax, and receipt with PAN number in case of items not commanding value added tax, the aggregate value limitation under this subsection will not be applicable.

(3)If the passenger wishes to carry goods purchased in the Nepali market up to the weight allowed by the airlines, the passenger can carry goods (except the banned or controlled items) after paying the specified duty and fee and submitting the specified papers.

Cross border traveler:

(1) Cross-border travelers will not receive the benefits outlined in this notification. However, the customs officer may grant duty free import or export up to the aggregate value of Rs 100/ on the household items for personal use.

(2) Despite anything contained in subsection (1), the duty chargeable shall exempt any one piece of tablet, laptop, or computer if accompanied by the Nepalese student studying in India.

Non resident Nepalese passenger:

Provisions mentioned in subsection (1), (2) and (3) of section 1, and section 3 are applicable for nonresident Nepalese (NRN) passenger, provided he/she should present the evidence of being NRN.

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Last Updated Date : 13th Nov 2022

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