honeymoon destinations

Honeymoon Destinations

Posted Date : May 8, 2018

Why should one choose honeymoon destinations in different countries rather than own? Traveling in a different place is a lifetime experience, that taught us different culture, tradition, religion and new experience.

TOP SIX Honeymoon Destinations

Hide in Bali “Bali”:

Why Bali?

Bali is one of the most sought out honeymoon destinations for a reason. Bali is a paradise on itself, and is more than just a beautiful island getaway; it’s a magic, a charm, a gift, a picture that stays forever. Its nickname is “Isle of the Gods.”  is also a magnet for romance seekers.

Where to stay?
A place famous for white sand beaches and calm blue sea water, there exist a hotel right in front of them named as Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas cheap in cost but give a professional service.

What to do?
There are not only a few places visit even you whole holiday will have not enough time to visit all places. But few places are there that you must visit such as a trip to Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple located at atop a cliff rising 200 feet above the Indian Ocean. It has world most beautiful and unforgettable sunrise viewpoint.


Pearls of Europe:

Why Europe?
ShopinHolidays caters your long desire of Europe tour in a most magnificent way via its multi-destination package comprising Europe’s some of the most romantic honeymoon destinations that are available all over Europe. Europe tour is undoubtedly the most compelling honeymoon destinations that anyone can desire for.

Where to stay?
A hotel name as Hotel Plaza Athéneé which provides excellent services that prefer quality over money.

What to do?
Paris is synonymous with romance. Even there Musée d’Orsay, the Louvre, and the Eiffel Tower these are the places that are best in Europe that is worth your time and visit. Thought after the visit this is your honeymoon destinations so you should not forget to tie a ribbon (locks are discouraged due to heavy load in the bridge due to locks) on the Pont des Art Bridge which will all make your memory and symbolize about you commitment toward each other.


UK, Scotland & Wales:

Why UK, Scotland & Wales?
It’s a land of Royalty and Majesty where it meets technology and future with culture and history. It’s a place of a dream place for honeymoon destinations cause of northern archipelago off the coast of Scotland

Where to stay?

We definitely want a place with a good environment around us and coincidently is a family running a Kirkwall Hotel. Which is located in a storybook-perfect Victorian building that overlooks Kirkwall’s historic harbor and is steps from shopping.

What to do?
The place called Neolithic Ring of Brodgar, an ancient and eerie ring of standing stones, northeast of Stromness. It’s a single day trip to visit since it’s worth your time and money. even experts do not know who brought those stone and how are they standing. And it has the perfect weather with Clam Sea which makes a supernatural sight.



Why Sri Lanka?
If couples are longing for honeymoon trips that take them away for a ride with nature and wildlife, rich culture and history, and ancient heritage and religion, then Kandy is the one place in the world to be.

Where to stay?
The place named the River House in Sri Lanka southern province where there is a river crossed, ocean viewpoint with many other sights seeing.

What to do?
Hang at hotels swimming pool with greenery or ocean view or take a trip to view a wildlife, ancient heritage and religion.


Abu Dhabi Dubai:

Why Abu Dhabi Dubai?
Abu Dhabi Dubai is the place where it’s a combination of a city life as well as a desert. Here we can enjoy a luxurious city life for a few days and even visit the desert. As honeymoon destinations, Dubai is one perfect place to spend time with your loved one.

Where to stay?
Everyone wants to feel like royalty even for a few days thus  Al Maha is the best place, emphasis a Luxury Collection Desert Resort, and Spa.

What to do?
One most amazing thing you can do is you can have camel ride where u never did before where it will take you to the crest of a dune and have a break in the middle of it and have fruits and snacks as light changes in the sky.



Why the Maldives?
The Maldives has the famous Indian Ocean which greets honeymooners with is unique white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and all those fancy resorts. Choosing the Maldives as honeymoon destinations is one great choice that one can possess.

Where to stay?
Niyama Maldives has all those fancy facilities that you and your partner need with its own swimming pool with great ocean view just a few of the highlight are the underwater nightclub, and a restaurant where you can only reach by boat and couple can book a spa massage.

What to do?
As you its full of crystal clear blue water you can do water diving, surfing at daytime and at night time at the time of sunset you’ll observe feeding corals catching plankton and see the micro marine life glow only in the dark.

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