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Restricted and Prohibited Baggage Items in Airport

Posted Date : May 20, 2018

Before packing your bag pack and heading toward the airport there is some common security rule one should know such as what are the restricted baggage items or allowed baggage items at the airport. There are also few valuable or critical personal items that should always be in your backpack-related to your identification or document you need. If you are familiar with airport security then it will be a lot easier to pass through checking without any delays and also you could avoid taking any banned items through airports checkpoints. These rules are based on TSA (Transportation Security Administration) rules and guidelines and in most of the country these rules have a similar restriction.

Restricted Baggage Items in Airport

Banned Items

Following items are completely banned in aircraft and if you are found with it then you will get behind bars:
• Explosive items
• Flammable items
• Matchbox
• Poison
• Radioactive materials
• Magnetic materials
• Gasses and pressure containers
• Marijuana
• Weapons etc.
There are lots of this that are restricted baggage items but above are the major things you should never bring even to airports. If above items are necessary to bring then you should take a professionals help and use courier service with full insurance and detailed information for what purpose you are bringing those items. And any item you are bringing to an airport and you don’t know if it’s restricted or not then you should consult airport security for more detail.

Restricted baggage items:

TSA has restricted or banned few items that you can not carry while traveling for your safety and other passengers onboard:
• Firearms and ammunition
• Knives or any cutting instruments
• Paintball guns
• Power tools and larger hand tools
• Dry ice etc.
You may be thinking if all these many things are restricted baggage items then what can we carry out baggage.

Allowed items in your bag packs:

There are numbers of items that are considered as the carryable item even they could be considered as hazardous or dangerous are allowed in passengers cabin:
• Non-rechargeable batteries
• Spare rechargeable batteries ( there are few restrictions on rechargeable batteries, only low capacity batteries are allowed )
• Electric citrates and vaping device ( which doesn’t mean any person can smoke on a plane, it should be unpowered)
• Small hand tools (in length it should be less than 18cm) and the item should not contain any sharp edges. It should be totally blunt.
• Scissors with cutting edge having less than four inches (10cm).
More things that should not be in checked luggage because these can be lost and which will be hard to replace and it could be expensive so it better and safe to put on a backpack you carry on passenger cabin:
• Money related items
• Computers and personal electronic devices
• Passports and other identification
• Jewelry, expensive watches, precious metal and other valuables
• Medicines, medical devices
• And all those items that are difficult to replay such as key, documents, eyeglass and devices with electronic data.

Flying with cash:

There is the limitation on carrying cash from one place to other in only international flight but in the domestic flight. There is no limit on cash but this may differ according to a different country.
How to protect your cash from losing:
• Never put your cash on checked luggage
• Keep you cashed insight as much as possible
• When passing thought put your eye on cash bag never let it go out of sight because if it is lost then security does not take responsibility(depends on airport security policy).
• There is a limitation that any person can carry cash or equivalent items to 10,000 currency to or from that country.


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