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8 Holiday Packages from Nepal to visit at least once

Posted Date : November 29, 2018

It is harder to take a trip on your own. Therefore, it is better to take a holiday package that guides you through a completely strange environment for you. Shopin Holidays is one of the best travel agency located at Pulchowk, Lalitpur – offering all our traveling needs likes outbound holiday packages from Nepal, Hotel booking, air ticketing, visa application and more.

Jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul. Human is not meant to sit inside a thick-walled room. By the way, we are born to explore. Usually, people need breaks from a busy day to day workload. You might have visited many places in Nepal. Since you have done so and you are trying to widen your travel experience you need to take a tour package from Nepal to these 8 different places around the world.

1.Yangshuo, China

Initially, this place looks normal at your arrival. Afterward, you will be amazed to see pointy mountains just out through the mist. To tell the truth, you have to take a short bike or boat ride to visit this magical place. Yangshuo is the most beautiful place in China with magnificent mountain and rivers that will take your breath away. Furthermore, you will also want to visit Moon Hill with a natural arch through it.

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Bali, Indonesia

2.Bali, Indonesia

There is a reason Bali is the standout destination amongst the most searched out get-away goals. Tight on your budget for a tour? Then Bali will offer you the best trip experience on your budget. The most obvious reason to visit this tropical paradise in Indonesia is its stunning beaches. This place is culturally and traditionally rich. In addition to this, Nepalese could find some similarity in their culture. The holiday packages from Nepal to Bali is most taken tour packages.
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3.Santorini, Greece

Santorini is one of the top travel destinations around the world. You will find out why Santorini is the best Greek island once you have explored the place. This place is renowned among tourist for its whitewashed houses that peer out of the Mediterranian Sea. You might have seen this place mostly in movies anyway. So, now is the time you capture this excellent region with your eyes.

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Santorini, Greece
Mont Saint-Michel, France

4.Mont Saint-Michel, France

It is one of the most enchanting settlements on earth. Mont Saint-Michel is a historical commune in Normandy, France. So, most tourists take a holiday package to France in order to see this island. There are many ways to cross Mont Saint-Michel Bay: by foot, by bike, by horse and even by kayak or gyrocopter. On the way, you will experience a variety of flora and fauna.

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Holiday packages from Nepal to Thailand has been a go-to vacation spot for the fun-seekers for decades. Ancient ruins and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha are the unforgettable places of Thailand. You will love Thai food because they are so delicious and diverse. So, you don’t have to eat the same food twice in Thailand. We know that being a Hindu country, Nepal, you love to show your devotion toward God. Not to mention, there are lots of awesome temples to visit in Thailand.

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Huacachina, Peru

6.Huacachina, Peru

Have ever wanted to visit an oasis? If you had then you will not find a better and more beautiful place like Huacachina. In the end, your view on desert life will change after taking a tour of this place. Nobody should miss the incredible view of the sunset from the sand dunes. Even more, you will love sandboarding down the famous Huacachina dunes.

7.Cinque Terre, Italy

This place should never be missed while taking a vacation abroad from Nepal. This colorful cliffside village will amaze you with its mesmerizing beauty. Cinque Terre is built on the Ligurian Sea, which is part of the Mediterranean. As a result, fishing is vital to the survival of the people of this town. In addition to this, visitors can ride a ferry between towns, and you can paddle a kayak, or glide around on a standup paddleboard.

Cinque Terre, Italy


There is no shortage of clear warm waters and endless white sandy beaches to chill on Mauritius. Thus you should make Mauritius your next big adventure travel destination. Participate in water sports or go dolphin spotting, you can choose your interest of adventure for your holiday. You can involve in so many recreational activities because this place is much more than water and beaches. This is the most adventurous holiday packages from Nepal. You will be familiar with the culture because most of the people are Hindu like in Nepal.

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