Family Tour this Dashain – 6 Best Travel Destinations

Family Tour this Dashain – 6 Best Travel Destinations

Posted Date : September 20, 2019

The greatest festival of Nepal, Dashain is near. So what are your plans? Have you decided how you are about to spend this vacation? Worry not! Shop In Holidays is providing special offers for you this Dashain. If you are stressed & bored and want to take a timeout from everything, we got you. Being one of the best travel agencies, we fulfill all the traveling necessities from Hotel booking, Air ticketing to Visa application and many more for you or your family tour. Our office is currently located at Pulchowk, Lalitpur.

Money fills your pocket but adventures, well adventures fills your soul. We humans aren’t supposed to be sitting down ignorant every day inside these four walls that we call home. We are born to explore. You may have traveled a lot of places in Nepal, well that’s great. Because not many people have travelled a lot. But have you ever wondered about expanding your travel experience? This is when we come in. We are providing numerous tour packages for you and your family from Nepal to various countries around the world.

You can take your family out to a wonderful tour for a lifetime experience of something so beautiful. A strong and beautiful memory with your children and your spouse. Everyone is happy giving the widest smile to you. Capturing memories that will never be forgotten. Well, that is exactly how we want you to feel. So rethink about how you want to spend your vacation this year. Do you want it to be just like the previous year or do you want this vacation to be one of the best vacations ever? So think again and feel free to contact us.


Vietnam Tour from Nepal


Vietnam Tour from Nepal


Vietnam is a country that has faced a lot of hardships in the past. The infamous Vietnam War always overshadows the now most beautiful country in Southeast Asia. Vietnam has come a long way of unifying peace and prosperity within a couple of decades. Vietnam has beautiful islands, beaches, temples, World Heritage Sites and also has a rich history and culture. It has become the most satisfying travel destination for global visitors these days. It’s natural beauty sights is what attracts travelers. One of the best long tour destination for you and your family.

Baku Tour from Nepal


Baku trip from Nepal - shopin holidays


Shop In Holidays offers the Baku Trip at a very affordable price. Baku is the world’s top ten destinations for its urban nightlife. Baku City is both culturally and industrially rich easily making it the center of Azerbaijan. Many headquarters of institutions of Azerbaijani is located there. It is also the lowest lying national capital in the world and is also known as the largest city located below sea level. In recent years, Baku has become an important venue for international events.

Currency used: Azerbaijani manat (AZN)

Bali Holiday Package from Nepal


Bali Tour from Nepal

Bali Holiday Package is one of the most sought out vacation destination in Nepal. This place is more than just a beautiful island, it is a paradise. It is an escape island from this world. Dotted with gorgeous beaches, colorful corals reefs, exotic underwater world, forested volcanic mountains, tropical landscapes, and iconic vast rice paddies, Bali is a blissful experience one can’t get enough of. Discover the calm and peaceful nature’s rhythm and the friendly people along with wildest adventures in this Paradise Island.

Family Tour In Thailand


Thailand Tour from Nepal


Thailand does not really need an introduction for the people of Nepal. It is one of the most visited and adored holiday destination around the globe. Thailand has always been welcoming tourists for as long as one can remember. Their exotic and tropical environment with gorgeous sandy beaches easily lures any visitor to re-visit. From taking a ride of tuk-tuk or riverboats and visiting the beautifully crafted monasteries, the Safari World with Marine Park is definitely the top attractions. And Cruise Dinner is something you will remember even in your dying bed. So don’t miss this opportunity, so take your family out to a wonderful long tour and spend this Dashain Vacation with the most blissful experience.

Cambodia Holidays from Nepal


Cambodia Tour from Nepal


With a history of rich culture and breathtaking islands, ancient monuments, and pagodas, you will experience the finest natural beauties. We also let you explore Vietnam and Cambodia to discover why there are countless World Heritages Sites in these two nations. It is one of the most mystical and heavenly traveling destinations.

Greece Tour Packages from Nepal


Greece Tour from Nepal


Shop In Holidays is offering Greece Tour Packages from Nepal this Dashain as well. If you are a party animal, search no further. Greece is well-known for its natural beauty and how everyone there parties hard. Greece is also very liberal toward the LGBT community and has various bars and clubs just for them. World’s most famous beach Elia is also located there. The monumental and architectural lovers must go there at least once, it’s a treat for you. It is also the most romantic places for honeymooners or newlywed couples. You will also find many adventurous sports like skiing, jet-skiing, horse riding, and parasailing.

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