Coronovirus travel tips

Posted Date : March 10, 2020

Should I cancel a trip I have planned during the covid19 epidemic. The most common question that travelers mind is going through. It’s much safe to stay at home if you are sick. There is nothing quite like traveling. It is a memorable experience, a superior feeling: to go to another country and to see people live in a different way and speak differently. But in the present situation, it has become necessary to be concerned while traveling due to the global reach of coronavirus.

What is the coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are the larger family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases. The virus was first detected in China’s Wuhan which has brought worries all over the world. The up trending rise of Corona Virus cases and the number of deaths gives lots of cry in Nepal. The rapid growth of Coronavirus is threatening peoples and citizens.

Visit Nepal 2020 postponed?

The government of Nepal and the tourism department had to try to promote Nepal as the corona free nation to influence the tourist to visit Nepal. But the uncontrollable condition of Novel corona and its more cases outside the china which becoming worst makes the condition to stop every Visit Nepal Year 2020 promote and publicity programs.

The Government of Nepal (GON) discussed the issue and the VISIT NEPAL YEAR 2020. The Cabinet of the ministry has decided to defer all the promotion and the worldwide VNY2020 Programs. The cabinet is also planning and preparing to postpone the fest to 2022. The promotional campaigns in the purpose of attracting more than 2 million foreign tourists (almost double of last year) are all canceled.

The major tourists visiting Nepal were from India and China as per the previous years. For VNY2020, Nepal was expecting the mass inflow of tourists from India and China but the COVID-19 Outbreaks closed all the doors, wisely the government has also needed to shut the doors for the arrivals compulsively to make sure the protection of the citizens and public.

Despite these, all if you still want to travel then necessary safety measure is needed just in case.

Follow These Recommendations

1. If you are sick, stay home. That means, don’t go to work and do not travel. During past pandemics, some airlines would look passengers over carefully and refuse boarding to anyone who appeared to be ill.

2. Wash your hands often. And not just a quick rinse under a faucet; according to the CDC, you have to use soap and running water and keep it up for at least 20 seconds.6  

3. Use hand sanitizer. These wipes can be great on a plane; use them to clean tray tables, armrests, lavatory handles, whatever you think you’ll touch.

4. Do you need to wear a mask? The World Health Organization (WHO) has an entire section on its website devoted to this question, including charts and videos about different masks and how to use and dispose of them.

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