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Checklist before applying for VISA

Posted Date : July 19, 2017

As it is well known, a compulsory travel document that one needs to travel to foreign lands is a Visa. It consists of special stamps and notations by the specified government officials forming a documentation that allows you to get in and out of a country legally. So for your ease shopin holidays has prepared all necessary visa checklist before applying.

Applying for a Visa for your travel may be a headache without the basic knowledge of specific requirements you need for the purpose. Different countries have a set of different rules and regulations to grant Visa for the travelers traveling to their lands, but the basics all remain the same.

As said, different countries have different criteria for granting Visa to their visitors, but among all, Tourist Visa most probably is one of the Visas that require significantly fewer documents but be aware, it does not mean you can create any false documents.

If you are planning your trip via a travel agent or a travel company, more than likely, it will be your travel agent that will be taking care of your visa application and you will only simply be notified of the documents that you need to submit, not much of a stretch there; is it? However, if you are applying for your Visa on your own, you will need a number of supporting documents and need to be aware of rules and regulations designed by the government officials that you need to follow. Hence, to simplify your process and give you some idea, we have put together some basic visa checklist that you may find immensely helpful when you apply for a Visa before your upcoming trip.

Visa Checklist

Application Letter:

Well, obviously, the first thing required is a completed application letter stating your requirement of a Visa granting permission to enter the stated country.

Your Identity :

Accompanying the application letter, you will need to submit a copy of your valid passport containing your photos, personal details, issue/expiry dates, and all. (Along with your passport, you may also be required to submit your birth certificate with certified English translation detailing/certifying/showing your birthplace and the names of your parents).

Purpose of Visit :

Another crucial element that you need to state for applying Visa is the purpose of your visit. Whether the purpose of your visit is traveling or business or others, you will be asked to submit your itinerary comprising travel details, accommodations, and activities within the said country.

Documents Confirming You are a Visitor: In the process, you will also be required by the officials to present certain documents that will confirm you are a visitor to their country and will be returning to your home country when your purpose is completed at the said country. For example, your return ticket, evidence of residence status in your country, your travel itinerary, etc.

Other Supporting Documents You Need to Submit :

You might even be asked to show/submit various other supporting documents by the officials to ensure the statements in your application letter are in fact true in order to ensure that you actually meet the requirements as per their regulations for the issuance of Visa. These supporting documents might include a police report stating your past legal history (if any), medical reports detailing your medical history and current status of your health, letter from your employer detailing your current employment and association with the company, evidence of enrolment at school (in case you are a student), your bank details, etc.

Additional Documents for Minors :

In addition to all the documents, if you are below the legal age/minor, you will also be required to submit some additional documents to ensure the safety, such as, a letter of consent/no objection certificate from parents/guardians (with signature) who have the right to decide for you authorising you for the travel, certified English translation of your birth certificate, and even the copies of your parent’s/guardian’s passport.

NOTE: As iterated previously in the article, when you apply for Visa, you might be asked to show/declare other specific documents depending on which country you are traveling to and what their rules demand.

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