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Ever wonder Why Bali is considered as worlds number one Travel Destination

Posted Date : August 20, 2018

Bali one small island of 140 km by 8km that lies in the south equator. From Ages Bali has been a magical place for all due to its volcanic mountains, coconut forest, endless beaches exotic flowers are only a part of the island with its spectacular natural beauty. Bali with full of arts of any wood carving, jewelry with all affordable restaurant. almost three million inhabitants are Hindu. Isn’t it’s more exciting – exploring such a beautiful island?. Shopin holidays one of the leading travel agency is now offering an affordable package of Bali trip, one of the most visited places worldwide.


Top 10 Reason Why Bali Trip is considered as worlds number one Travel Destination:


1. Exceptional varieties of Beaches:
Everyone knows about it and it’s no more secret that bail overwhelming coastal landscapes, natural specular beauty contain dreamy beaches of fantasy. The most amazing things about Bali beaches are its varieties. Bali Beaches are not only covered with white sand flanking turquoise lagoons but there is also black sand covering beaches which brings an immensely spectacular view for satisfaction. Containing that number no beaches every beach has its own exceptional character and atmosphere for beach surfers, like for families, secret beaches for escape artists etc.


2.  Breathtaking Natural Beauty:
Even Bali is a small country which contains unique varieties of beaches and temples there are breathtaking a natural wonder to satisfy your every with that specular view. Natural wonder view of Bali encourages photographer and its one’s dream to go to verdant highland and do a photo session of waterfall and lakes with an immerse view of glorious sunset and sunrise from the coastline. Bali would be one of the dream locations for those couples who love exotic weddings due to its natural beauties, sunrise, beaches.


3. Colorful Art Scene:
If you like unique and style colorful art then Bali is one perfect destination due to its creativity ness which is implemented in unique art pieces. And some of the unique art can be taken home by a visitor as a token of a special memory. Bali is full of art, in every turns and corners there is only arts even it can be of wood carving, stone carving, intricate mambo structure and variety of other art collection is dedicated shop exhibiting a host of handmade works. Art is one itself one way of living life.


4. Magnificent Temple:
Even when Bali has a huge collection of breathtaking beaches, it also summons prayer who visit Bali with its temples. Bali Contain so many temples of different shapes size and with different location, temple lovers will definitely love Bali. Few of the temple has also become famous landmarks recognized by country and also are magnificently set against the most scenic backdrops. And Even Bali temples are more than century-old it comes to life with a daily offering of flowers, different valued ornaments and also seasonal festivities. Which gives amazing spiritual experience no visitor ever tends to forget.


5. Amazing Weather:
Bali is supported by weather for entertainment and enjoyment due to its warm and sunny climate which attracts many visitor whole year. The best thing about Bali’s is it has 12-13 hours of sunshine each day regardless of time of year which gives visitor plenty of time to do outdoor activities like sightseeing or active pursuits on land or water. The temperature in between 26 to 31 degree Celsius with warmth guarantee thought the year. In October and April, there occur few intermittent showers after which sun always comes out.


6. Different Culture:
In comparison to other Bali is more unique in having beaches, it’s all wide range of natural beauties and even its temples, so is Bali’s Culture where everyone is webbed into the way everyone does everything here. Culture marks the pace of life, sets the natural rhythm and inspires the way things are done. Due to a culture we follow, it holds beliefs, preserves ancient rituals and other many frequent festivals. In Bali there are plenty of opportunities to catch live celebration due to celebrations of temple anniversaries once in every six Gregorian months as per the 210-day Balinese calendar if visitor get lucky then they might even get glimpse of rite of passage or the festive celebration of death with “Ngaben ” cremations or “Pelebon of royalty”.


7. Diversity in People:
In fact, a country rich in all natural beauties, beaches, and the temple which attract many visitors in a year is due to one main reason is their hospitality. Which is the charm of that country, every vision says people are the soul and heart of Bali. People of Bali will see the aspect of your holiday and they will make you feel with local that are as friendly as they are spiritual and inspiring. People live a simple life with good hospitality and their simple life is colored by their daily rituals and festivals that come in time to time. And to get to know and be friendly with islanders outside the hotel is far easier.


8. Versatile Cuisine
Bali tantalizing local mix dishes with Balinese cuisine is officially declared one of the most complex dishes in the world. The local use a wide verity of spices with fresh vegetables, fish, and meat that is easily available in their county. Even after having Balinese delights you like to eat more flavors than the hotel in Bali certainly won’t disappoint you. After having Bali’s food every visitor would be surprised to know about some world-famous restaurant are based in Bali with local cuisine impressing foodies worldwide over and having been included in San Pellegrino’s worlds 50 best. Bali will definitely exceed every visitor’s expectation and imaginations.


9. Broad accommodation
As Bali is rich in beaches, natural wonder, culture, art, it also consists of verities of resorts, lodge, hotel, and guesthouses. No visitor will ever find the room packed, In fact, Bali guarantee that everyone will find the room available in visitors own chosen places. Due to the larger number of hotels available which is good news for travelers and which can also give visitors a discount in price wars among hotels. Bali having a variety of hotel every visitors find room according to their need in every mood and every occasion. From small Resort to the most incredible big resort with pools to the giant tree house, safari lodges and a bamboo house perched on their edge of the cliff which is more beautiful than our imagination.


10. Affordable Expenses:
Bali one of the most awaited destination for every visitors, and visiting Bali is not as expensive as everyone thinks. And everyone who visits Bali will be surprised at the cost of things and how littler visitor needs to change to enjoy comfortable accommodation and tantalizing for a fare at the reasonable price called “Warung” where dishes start at a mere 50p. While visiting Bali there is a resort and form small scale to dreamy upscale but to go with a cheap guest house which is always operated by the local villagers of Ubud and Sanur. Visitors won’t need tickets to enjoy any public parades like the Bali Kites Festival or even the Bali Arts Festival or to watch villagers rehearse their dances. Overall, visitors will find that for the vast majority of things Bali is a very affordable destination indeed.


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